"It does seem to me that Capa has proved beyond all doubt that the camera need not be a cold mechanical device. Like the pen, it is as good as the man who uses it. It can be the extension of mind and heart..."
John Steinbeck
Since early childhood my life evolved around being able to express myself through creative endeavours, despite obtaining a degree in the mathematical sciences. By chance I started experimenting with photography whilst living abroad, subsequently leading to a complete change in careers. 
From the start I was drawn to black and white images and learning the basics of darkroom development simply enhanced the whole experience. I also enrolled for studies in the graphic design field and freelanced in the field for more than ten years.
At the end of 2014, I completed by first personal creative vision and published a coffee table book: The Wild Horses of the Kaapsehoop Escarpment, which won the Independent Pubilsher’s Award for best photography book in 2016.
My point of departure is that of inspiration and expression of emotion and ideas. My soul resonates well with the concept of fine art photography, which is created primarily as an expression of the artist’s vision, but which has also been important in advancing certain causes. Pushing the images additionally into the genre of photo art, further opens up a world of capturing ideas rather than moments.
My creative process usually evolves over time while exploring colour, cropping, contrast, light, line and shape, in creating a conversation of beauty, emotion and inspiration, of telling a story.
I have exchanged my traditional darkroom for the digital one (using mainly Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop).
My goal is to create impact, to inspire, to challenge and to celebrate life.
MRP Home, a South African Home and Decor Chain Store embraces creative talent and collaborates with South African artists. This photo was selected for a duvet and cushion unique decor range, summer 2017.
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